About Me
Hi, I'm Fede!
I'm an electronics technician and engineering student;
I play guitar and piano, and I'm a finance and music enthusiast.

I started programming at the age of 13 in my spare time, something
that started as a hobby and today I'm happy to say that it's my job.
I invite you to take a look at my portfolio, and get in touch if you like!

In all my projects I use the version control system Git, using conventions to make commits and auto-generate changelogs. I also use submodules that allow me to reuse certain parts of my projects and to carry out an optimal development of them.


The main host of my repositories is GitHub, where I connect with other developers in an open source ecosystem; I also use Github Actions, their CI/CD system.

Visual Studio Code

My favorite code editor is VS Code, it is fast and very customizable. It integrates seamlessly with the terminal and Git. I get the most out of it with its extensions dedicated to each programming language.


C++ is the first programming language I learned, I started in command line and later implemented it in the development of embedded systems such as PIC microcontrollers.


I mainly use it for data science, in conjunction with NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, YFinance, Statistics, Requests, BS4 among others.
I use Poetry as a virtual development environment, packager and dependency manager for my applications and packages, and Pytest for testing them.


With Arduino I develop hardware and software prototypes of home automation, security, production systems control, robotics, etc. products.

Sunset in the mountains

Module that extracts information directly from IMDb.com (web scraping).

Sunset in the mountains

Long-term investment portfolio analysis (yfinance, statistics).

Sunset in the mountains

Acoustic spectrum analyzer of audio files (FFT, binary files).